About Me


Hello everyone,

my name is Kayleigh Jane Smith.

My blogs are about me and my life.

Law – I am a law graduate and work in the legal sector and therefore have blogs about law, being a student and working in the legal profession.

Wellbeing – I am a keen yogi who attends meditation and yoga classes. I am into aromatherapy and wellbeing, I read a lot of spiritual, self-help and motivational books and therefore have included blogs on this aspect of my life.

Travel – I love to travel; to discover new foods, cultures, people and their lifestyles. This is why I have included blogs on the places I have visited.

Life – This website is and extension of me, myself and I. This is almost like my very own personal diary where I share with you my interests, hopes, fears and aspirations. I really hope that you find one of my blogs of interest to you or that one may help you in your life’s journey.

I do hope you will come back again soon.



“Life is like a piggy bank… you only get out what you put in”